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A few of your most impressive and diverse projects

Dive deeper into some of your key projects with detailed case studies. Include information like the client’s problem, your solution, technologies used, challenges overcome, and the impact of your work.

Welcome to our projects showcase! Here, you’ll find a selection of some of our recent and noteworthy projects that highlight our expertise in website and software development. Each project is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.

Dynamic Web Development

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React

A corporate website redesign for XYZ Corporation to improve user experience and enhance the brand’s online presence. The new site features a modern design, seamless navigation, and optimized performance.

E-Commerce Solution

Technologies: Magento, PHP, MySQL

E-Commerce Haven’s online store was transformed into a user-friendly shopping destination. Our solution included a custom Magento integration, responsive design, and secure payment gateways.

Fitness Junction

Technologies: Angular, Node.js, MongoDB

Fitness Junction’s interactive web app helps users track their fitness progress, access workout routines, and connect with a community of fitness enthusiasts.

Healthcare Innovations

Technologies: C#, .NET, SQL Server

Our software solution streamlined patient records management for Healthcare Innovations, reducing administrative overhead and improving patient care.

Technologies We Use

Our team at Akshiptika Infotech is proficient in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies that enable us to deliver innovative and reliable solutions for our clients. We stay up-to-date with industry trends and continuously expand our skill set to provide the best possible outcomes. Here are some of the technologies we work with
Web Development
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+),React, Angular, Vue.js,Node.js, Django, Ruby on Rails 96%
Mobile App Development
iOS: Swift, Objective-C Android: Kotlin, Java ,Cross-Platform: React Native, Flutter 81%
Software Development
Languages: Java, C#, Python, C++ Frameworks: .NET, Spring Boot Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite 87%
Cloud and DevOps
Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Containerization: Docker, Kubernetes CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD 71%
Data Analytics and AI
Data Visualization: Tableau, Power BI Machine Learning: TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn AI: Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision 64%